We are forced to live in a system that steals from us daily, Kill snitch culture.

Important things to keep in mind!

- never take from ‘mom and pop’ type store. Its likely you’ll actually harm them, whereas taking from a walmart wont effect much.

- never take items that a worker is assigned to monitor (usually super expensive items), theyll be in trouble for it. and its usually a minimum wage worker and usually they lose hours or pay, or they even get fired.

- similar to the above, never take things that are usually locked up for the above reason

- if its a store you know gives their near-expiration products to workers/charity, try to avoid taking the near expiration products.

- if youre taking clothing, avoid leaving hangers. it sounds weird, but itll make it seem like it was more likely an error in the computer than a theft, since the empty hanger sitting there will seem suspicious. 

- also for clothing, try not to take more than one item at once, as it will look suspicious if theres 10 medium shirts missing, and it won’t be written off as just a stocking error. and it will lead to workers being penalized

- basically just always consider ‘will this harm a worker’ and if the answer is yes then dont do it

like i was homeless for a while when i was younger and i tried to follow those guidelines to avoid doing harm to people who were probably not much better off than me while trying to get food for myself.

Holy crap, is there like an unspoken thieves code or something?!

it’s a thing. I won’t even lie. I watched someone slip a nursing exam book in their bag at the store I worked at. She made eye contact with me and the blood drained from her face. I simply gave her a sympathetic nod and walked away.

I live in a small town and I knew she was a waitress at a hotel my sister works at, and people at that hotel don’t tip well during off season. Nursing exam books are 50+ bucks. Being a med student myself, I didn’t even breathe a word, and when inventory came up later and the book was missing, I suggested it was likely a mislabel, and the manager wrote it off.

Sometimes, thievery is a necessity. Don’t send people to jail over petty things.

theft for many is survival in this system and taking away from multi-billion dollar companies that are a part of the oppressive capitalist system

This… Is a bizzare concept
I don’t even know what to say

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Rachel Duncan looking out of floor-to-ceiling windows

I’m impressed by Penny’s argument





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Anonymous whispered -- Do you consider yourself a feminist? 


It depends on how you define feminist. :)

I believe women are equal and should be treated as such. In the same sense, I believe women are different and need to be recognized and celebrated for their differences. I am a working woman in the corporate world. I have also traveled to many places where I have seen the hurt of women worldwide who have been bullied and abused. So yes, I will promote the importance and value of women forever. 

With anything, there are lots of things I like about feminism. And there are lots of yucky, hateful parts of it. I disagree with male bashing and with using our femininity to bring down masculinity. We should never have to tear down someone else in order to elevate ourselves. That shows just blatant disrespect and does not speak the voice of equality and love, but the voice of anger and pride. Pride seeks to be better than others, so prideful feminism cannot possibly promote equality.

When I was younger, you could have probably called me more of a feminist. I scoffed when Ryan opened doors for me and made fun of him when he was overly sweet…blaming it on his thinking I was the weaker sex. As I got older, I learned that this was completely ridiculous and actually would wound Ryan and hurt our relationship tremendously. Pride cannot be an agent of change. As I got older, I learned to celebrate our differences as equally unique. When Ryan cherishes me, I respect and honor him. When I respect and honor him, he cherishes me. It is a circle that must be cultivated. We are different, but we equally must give something to the other.

I believe that, just as it is common for us to think men objectify us sexually, is also just as common for girls to objectify a guy for what he can emotionally give her. There is so much hurt in the heart of women for the way they have been treated in history. And I don’t disagree with that. I am usually the first person to shake a man’s hand and introduce myself, the firmest advocate for women in the workplace, and having a fair say in things, and being equally represented in all realms of life.

But on the other hand, there is also so much hurt in the heart of men who have heard the words “nasty, horny, insensitive, angry, bossy, unemotional, and basically an incapable of deep intimacy meat head” for most of their lives. I’m sick of that stereotype too and I will never ever support that. 

We are all broken in some way or another….we all have wounds…we all get labeled into stereotypes. It’s time we loved without measure….a kind of sacrificial love that bypasses stereotypes and sees the heart of a human being for being uniquely made and ridiculously beautiful. Everyone is worth that. I just want to give love. I don’t want to yell for causes, or hold up angry picket signs, or rant at how a man disrespected me…..I want to be an active part of the change by loving and loving and loving and loving and loving and loving….no if, ands, or buts. I will promote that forever.

I would like to add a side note - this love doesn’t mean you can’t take action if you are for promoting feminism or if you truly believe in a certain type of activism….it just means that you represent a balanced perspective and consider all people so worthy and of value. Even in the face of anger and hate, I believe change can only ever happen out of this chosen love for our fellow men and women.

Just my thoughts. It’s ok if you disagree. My ideas aren’t written in stone…they are just my personal experiences from the things I’ve lived. I hope that helps. <3






Women that oppose feminism because they feel they personally have all the rights and respect they need are so incredibly selfish and ignorant to the plight of women not only in their own country, but across the developing world.

One time I heard a girl…

Calling people ignorant and selfish for knowing that it isn’t their place to fix anyone’s life for them is harmful and counterproductive. Intersectional feminism is the only kind that makes sense, but just because somebody recognizes that life isn’t fair for another person doesn’t mean that it’s their job to remedy that. Some people didn’t ask for help and most people are capable of deciding for themselves what free and equal means without someone on the internet deciding that for them. The subtext of wanting to help other people become liberated feels more superior than educational. Being aware that shit sucks all over the planet is important but sometimes it’s all you can do.

Nowhere in the original post did it say anything about trying to fix other peoples lives for them though? Like I said, no one is promoting white saviors here, unless you’re still just talking about the comment that girl made to you. Being aware/spreading awareness is important, and it is up to every individual person to decide what is equal and fair for them personally - but just because they feel that they are being treated as equals doesn’t give them the right to oppose or feminism, because obviously all women have different experiences and many women feel as though they are being oppressed, and discrediting feminism silences those women. That was the only point the original post was trying to make. There’s a huge middle ground between opposing feminism and taking it upon yourself to “fix” another woman’s life. I’m not arguing with what you’re saying now I just feel like you missed the point.

I just think the Placid Protector and Educator of All Women role that people take on is played out and boring to me because I don’t understand what makes anyone qualified to. I probably did miss the intended point of the original post because I couldn’t see past the mile long legs of the original poster’s high horse. I would like to invite all feminist experts to explain it to me though because I’m much too ignorant to recognize how imperative it is to press your personal brand of feminism on someone who didn’t ask for it.


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